Custom naturalistic gardens

Create mood, atmosphere or a better place to relax or entertain. A small or large area can provide interest and colour all year round, with a little planning:

  • Natural style plantings for flower beds, shady corners or complete gardens
  • Low maintenance, multi season, robust, weed resistant.
  • Inexpensive plans, per square metre of flower bed
  • Make choices from a range of options and styles, help and advice available
  • Plantings will install your garden within a week
  • Seasonal follow up visits by arrangement

“People are much more aware of the difference between a ‘nice garden’ and a really beautiful one, and how that will add value to a property.”

Woodland Garden (3)

Made in the Shade

Some gardens have problem areas that may be low light, damp or difficult to mow

As a rule, shade adds depth and quality to the range of plants you can grow, and it is astonishing the range of plants that thrive in shady conditions. Most green tones look better in shade, and flowers that tolerate shade draw the eye in to linger.

When choosing the best plants for colour in a shade garden, keep in mind that bright colours will brighten up a shady area. Where you cannot control your shade, you can nearly always plant to make the most of it.

Matrix Planting is the modern way

Matrix planting is a way of gardening in which multiple species are planted in a single space to replicate a natural appearance.

  • Bold drifts of bright native flowers
  • A design that mimics one found naturally
  • A sense of drama and impact
  • Multi-seasonality, overlapping durations
  • Supports natural weed control
  • Less maintenance than traditional gardens.

Rather than neat static rows of plants found in traditional gardens, the naturalistic garden is a more diverse group of plant species with all year interest and although designed, appears unstudied.